About Us

About Us

Praybyte is a social media platform with a focus on digital prayer. Its mission is to help people manage their everyday's stress through prayers, chats, education, fundraising, and cheers. Also, it's vision is to turn prayer into a universal thought style.

The website's basic building blocks are as follows:

*Prayers: This functionality is a veritable prayer multiplier.  It enables you to request digital prayers and conversely reply to prayer requests of others. It is worth noting that the website's 'Invite a pal' feature is the tool that really makes the prayer multiplication occurs by allowing you to invite friends and in turn having friends invite other friends and so on and so forth. If you like to fellowship you will find the prayer module to be quite amenable to it.

*Community chats: This feature allows you to create interactive chats about any subjects for every one to participate. It is a wonderful way to share your stream of consciousness with others and in turn learn from their comments or replies.

*Group chats: This is also a feature that allows you to create interactive chats whereas only your designated members can participate. it is a great way to communicate closely with your family, friends, and colleagues.

*Jobs: Use this functionality to post and search for job listings.

*Cheers: This wonderful feature enables you to send cheers for birthday, anniversary, graduation etc... to your loved ones.

Also, you can program this functionality  to send repeated cheers on the same date for many years to come as, embarrassingly enough, we sometimes forget our loved ones' birthdays or anniversaries so to speak.

*Fundraisers: This functionality makes it possible for you to crowdfund your projects or request financial  help  from our users when you desperately need money.

*Education: This feature is delivered through courses and exams whereas you can post and take meaningful courses and exams for an enriching learning experience.

*Shout-outs: This functionality allows you to post and share with our users things that are going on in your life space, neighborhood, workplace, and place of worship. It also contains a 'take action'  button that enables you to message your political, business, and religious leaders and organizations for help or to lodge a complaint - so much for activism. For example, if you see in your neighborhood  a dangerous pothole or an intersection that causes accidents, a defected traffic light, street light, signal, etc..., post it and use the 'take action' button to contact your elected officials to complain about it. Conversely, if something nice is happening in your neighborhood, document it with pictures or videos and share it on www.praybyte.com. 

*myPages: This functionality is essentially your social page. It enables you to make special announcements about your personal and public life, such as, relationships, jobs, political career, etc... it is a strategic place to post your resume, your awards, etc...

*Success = Prayer+Action