About Us

About Us

Praybyte provides a platform for users to connect, share, learn, and grow together in a spiritually supportive environment. Its mission is to improve lives through prayers and meditations.  Also, Praybyte envisions a peaceful and inclusive world in which prayer becomes the universal thought style.

Praybyte is organized into the following modules:

*Prayers: This functionality is a veritable prayer multiplier that helps you widen your prayer net.  It enables you to request digital prayers and conversely reply to prayer requests of others. It is worth noting that the website's 'Invite a pal' feature is the tool that really makes the prayer multiplication occurs by allowing you to invite friends and in turn having friends invite other friends and so on and so forth. If you like to fellowship you will find the prayer module to be quite amenable to it.

*Community chats: This feature allows you to create interactive chats about any subjects for every one to participate. It is a wonderful way to share your stream of consciousness with others and in turn learn from their comments or replies.

*Group chats: This is also a feature that allows you to create interactive chats whereas only your designated members can participate. it is a great way to communicate closely with your family, friends, and colleagues.

*Jobs: Use this functionality to post and search for job listings.

*Cheers:The Cheers feature on Praybyte is a wonderful module that enables you to send cheers for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc., to your loved ones. This feature is designed to help users celebrate special moments and milestones with their friends and family on the platform.

One unique aspect of this feature is that you can program it to send repeated cheers on the same date for many years to come. This can be particularly useful for remembering important dates like birthdays or anniversaries, which we sometimes forget.

In essence, the Cheers feature adds a personal touch to the Praybyte platform, allowing users to share in each other’s joy and celebrations.

*$fund-ME-live: This versatile fundraiser functionality makes it possible for you to livestream a fundraiser or conduct it on an on-demand basis.  As an individual, you may  leverage this feature to crowdfund your projects or request financial  help  from our users and your friends. As an organization, you may use this module to raise money for charity or for any other legal purposes that you envisage.

*Education: This feature is delivered through courses and exams whereas you can post and take meaningful courses and exams for an enriching learning experience.

*Short videos: This module allows you to post and share with our users things that are going on in your life space, neighborhood, workplace, and place of worship. It is a powerful tool for self-explexion - Use it wisely!

*myPages: This functionality is essentially your social page. It enables you to make special announcements about your personal and public life, such as, relationships, jobs, political career, etc... it is a strategic place to post your resume, your awards, etc...

*LIVE: This module is a collaboration tool. It contains two main features: 1) Live Streaming that enables you to broadcast a video content on a single-directional basis;  2) Video Conferencing that allows you to interact with your peers on a bi-directional basis. You may use LIVE to host a one-on-one or a small group meeting, a therapy session, a private consultation with a business client, a real estate showing, an open house, a prayer meeting, a yoga or martial art session, an interview, a bible class, a simple conversation with your friend(s) or relative(s), or to simply live-stream an event . The fact is the list of things you can do with LIVE  is as big as your own imagination. You are going to love it!

In summary, Praybyte offers a comprehensive platform that combines elements of social networking, professional development, education, and spiritual practice, making it a valuable resource for individuals seeking to connect with others in meaningful ways.

*Success = Prayer+Action