How do I contact www.praybyte.com?

The best way to contact us is to forward an email to praybyte@yahoo.com

Why am I sometimes redirected away from www.praybyte.com  when I click on certain images?

The websites you are landing upon are 'hand-picked' affiliates  or advertising clients of www.praybyte.com that finance our operations by placing sponsored ads on our website. They are here to provide you with the best possible products and services with the best value for your hard earned money. 
How do I change my password?
You must first make a change in your user profile to change your password successfully. If you change your password without making a change in your user profile, it will not work.
signed up and I have been unable to log in.
After you register or sign up to Praybyte.com, a link will be sent to the email address you provided to finish the sign-up process. You must click on finish signup on the link to log in the first time around, otherwise, your registration will not be complete until you do.
How do I use LIVE Meeting without having to pay any fee?
LIVE Meeting is free if you do not require an access code for your guests to join in, otherwise, you have to pay to utilize LIVE Meeting. It is noteworthy that  LIVE Stream is always fee-paying whether you enable the access code or not.

Why sometimes when I use LIVE via my smart phone the videos do not display well or do not display at all?
When using LIVE through a smart phone or iPhone, make sure that you are not simultaneously talking or texting on the same device. Otherwise, the videos will not display well or display at all.

Why can I do to avoid or reduce interfering noises from my surroundings when using LIVE?
To avoid or reduce picking up unwanted noises from my immediate surroundings when using LIVE, turn of the horn icon by tapping the video screen and then then tap the horn icon.
As a host, how do I turn off  the audio/microphone of my guests?
Tap the guest's video and then tap the horn icon into mute. Conversely, tap it back to unmute it also.
What are the various ways I can deliver a course or class on Praybyte.com?
Use the course module to create and deliver a course on demand when there are a lot of materials to cover. Otherwise, use the LIVE module for that purpose.
I started creating a course, i clicked out of it inadvertantly, when I clicked back in , all my work disappeared. In this instance, Do I have to begin all over again or how do I recover my seemingly lost work?
Tap or click on your profile/user account, scroll down to select  'My Saved Courses', thereupon, you will be able to pick up where you left off.
Where and How do I make any change to my user profile and my posted listings?

Click on the dropdown menu from your user account to locate what it is that you want to change. Once found, click on it , select edit and proceed with the intended change.
Where and how do I promote my business on Praybyte?
First, you have to figure out on which page of the website you would like to place your advertisement. After you do, go to Post Ads on the top menu, then, select the applicable page, and enter the required information. In terms of advertisement type as well as mode and method  of payment, you will have a choice between subscription, one-time, and pay-as-you-go otherwise known as pay-per-click; you may utilize one of the major credit/debit cards or a checking account for payment. Once paid, your advertisement comes online instantly without any hassle. 
I posted a comment or even created a post on Praybyte.com, it has all disappeared, why?

Most likely, your posted materials must have violated Praybyte's user policies and were subject to the user-content moderation rule that calls for bloking and removal of objectional contents.